Grand Strand Real Estate Investor Association
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National REIA Benefits

The National Real Estate Investors Association package is designed to support and grow

your local association. Here are just a few of the outstanding benefits of joining National REIA:


  • Information on starting and growing a group (a collection of info from successful groups)
  • Phone and E-mail referrals
  • Listing on National website for those browsing the Internet
  • Internet-enabled discussion group for groups and individuals to post questions and answers
  • Mentor access for discussion and feedback. Regional representatives that will help advise you as you grow your group.
  • Annual MidYear Leadership Conference to network with other groups and learn hints, tips, and
  • shortcuts for success
  • Leader’s Edge newsletter and monthly e-mail to update your group on news within the National affiliates and Real Estate Investment Industry
  • Real Wealth National Speakers directory
  • D & O insurance for your board
  • “Train the Trainer” program, covering Fair Housing, Crime-free Housing, and more
  • Technology solutions including website creation from SuccessTeam1 and database support from Approved Association

  • Long distance and 800 number discounts from PowerNet Global

  • Discounts on credit card processing through PaymenTech for groups and individual members (individuals’ processing for products/services or rents)
  • Non-Dues Revenue for your association through our agreement with CybrCollect. Help your members collect on bad checks at no charge to them
  • Discounts on car insurance through Nationwide Insurance

  • Up to 40% off books, tapes, and courses from Dearborn Publishing and Nolo Press when ordered through National
  • Discounts through Sherwin Williams on paint, accessories, and supplies
  • Discounts from DHL of up to 25% on priority overnight shipping
  • Discounts of up to 60% on Office Depot products and technology items
  • Discounts on Avis car rentals. With great discounts and the highest levels of service, there's never been a better reason to rent with Avis!
  • Home Depot Supply preferred buyer program that guarantees the lowest published discounted price, regardless of quantity ordered, and entitles buyers to same day shipping
  • Smart Moves/Apartment Moves Planners that provide coupons for truck rentals and more
  • Discounts on tenant screening through Trak-1 Technology and a waived membership fee
  • Discounts on Mike Butler’s Tenant Tracking System, the investor-friendly booking system
  • Commission for your group and discounts for your members on Prospectizer software
  • $250 off closing costs when your members choose Renovator’s Insurance

  • All the tools you need to create a seamless real estate transaction from The REIA Toolbox.
  • Special Offers from over 30 qualified vendors and industry partners!


If you have questions or would like detailed information regarding National REIA benefits,

please call 888-762-7342 or email


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